Michael A. G. Haykin’s Historical Lectures

michael-haykin-for-web-pages.jpgIn honor of Dr. Michael Haykin’s start as a full-time Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY next week (news release of his hire), I’ve listed some of his historical lectures below. I have benefited much from the teaching and friendship of this godly man. I believe that many others would benefit from hearing Dr. Haykin’s lectures. I’m glad that the students of Southern Seminary will have the opportunity to take multiple classes with Dr. Haykin and I’m glad that we can all benefit from Dr. Haykin’s knowledge of church history through the nearly 100 audio lectures which are available for free online (hosted on SermonAudio, requires free registration). I’ve posted direct links below to several of his audio lectures, including a four part overview of Christian History which includes both audio and lecture notes. A few of miscellaneous lectures which were recently given are also included below. Dr. Haykin also has a blog on which he posts various nuggets gleaned from his study of church history. For more information about Dr. Haykin read this article beginning on page 18 in this issue of the online edition of Southern Seminary’s Magazine or this brief profile in Southern Seminary’s Newspaper.

Four Part Series on History of Christianity

  1. No Other Foundation 1: History of Christianity, 100 – 500AD (MP3, PDF)
  2. No Other Foundation 2: History of Christianity, 500 – 1500AD (MP3, PDF)
  3. No Other Foundation 3: History of Christianity, 1500 – 1700AD (MP3, PDF)
  4. No Other Foundation 4: History of Christianity, 1700 – Now (MP3, PDF)

2007 Lectures at Jefferson Park Baptist Church

  1. Life of John Newton (MP3)
  2. Life of William Wilberforce (MP3)
  3. What is a Church? (MP3)
  4. The Gifts of the Spirit: Early Baptist Thinking (MP3)
  5. A Spirituality of the Word: Scripture in the 1689 Baptist Confession (MP3)

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