Political Analysis Roundup

Here are some articles on the current status of Republican Presidential politics.  I found this articles to be especially informative and insightful.


  1. Entering into Dialogue with a Fellow Christ-Follower

    I would like to respond to two quotes from Huckabee’s “Issues” section on the “war on terror”:

    He wrote:
    “I believe in the Powell Doctrine of using overwhelming force to accomplish a mission.”
    Haven’t you ever preached, as a pastor, on John 3:16 and the overwhelming love that was able to defeat evil at the cross?

    “I will expand the army and increase the defense budget.”
    Do the prophets not speak about a time in which we will beat swords into ploughshares? Does Jesus Christ not speak about turning the cheek and loving our enemies? Does this quote not undermine the words and work of Jesus Christ THE Commander and Chief of all that is?

    It saddens me to read of how willing Huckabee is to sacrifice the fathers and sons of our enemies even as he passionately plead for the life of the unborn child. Does God not love both enemy and unborn child? Is the gospel not meant for the killed fetus and also the disemboweled extremist?

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