Mohler to be Nominated as President of SBC


Big news for a new year! The Southern Baptist Texan is reporting today that Robert Jefress, new pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas, will nominate Albert Mohler to be President of the Southern Baptist Convention at this June’s convention to be held in Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Mohler is the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. There is much historic significance to Mohler’s nomination. If elected, Dr. Mohler would serve as president when the convention convenes in Louisville in 2009 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Southern Seminary. Also, as Russ Moore has pointed out: “In 1923, Dr. Jeffress’s predecessor, George W. Truett, nominated Dr. Mohler’s predecessor, E.Y. Mullins, for the SBC presidency.”

culture-shift.jpgIn other Mohler news, his first solo book project is due for release on January 15th and is available for preorder on To read, hear, or watch a recent interview aired on PBS with Dr. Mohler about his new book click here.

To read more about Dr. Mohler visit his own website.

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