“Hats Off to Us.” – Randy Moss


It’s good to see that even Randy Moss has enough sportsmanship to congratulate a great team when he sees one. In this AP news story, Moss is quoted as saying:

Hats off to us. I know a lot of people didn’t think we were going to do it. A lot of people didn’t want us to do it. In this game of football, it’s hard to go 16-and-0. As a football player and a fan of the game, my hat’s off to this organization.

What a guy!

Seriously, congratulations to the New England Patriots for an unbeaten regular season and to Tom Brady and Randy Moss for their touchdown records.

I also congratulate the New York Giants (especially Eli Manning) for being such a worthy opponent on this historic occasion.

I do hope, however, that the Indianapolis Colts get a chance to defeat the Patriots in the playoffs and advance to the Super Bowl to defend their title.

One comment

  1. Moss’ accomplishments are even greater when you consider the size of the ego he has to fit into his helmet with his head. lol!!!

    Congratulations are due to the Pats. Hope the Colts can get to them and beat them in the playoffs, but if they don’t, there’s no shame in losing to ,perhaps, the greatest team in history.


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