Live from the TBC

Charles Henderson and I arrived this afternoon in Kingsport, TN:  the location of this year’s Tennessee Baptist Convention.  After checking into our room we attended the Concerned Tennessee Baptist Dinner and Informational Meeting at Higher Ground Baptist Church.  The meeting was both highly informative and encouraging regarding the future of the TBC.  I am hopeful that progress can continue to be made at this year’s meeting without losing any of the ground hard fought for at last year’s meeting.

After the dinner, Charlie and I headed to the Convention Center for the evening session of the Pastor’s Conference.  The messages by Frederick Brabson, Herb Reavis, and Mac Brunson were an encouragement.

As always is the case as such meetings, the highlight was the opportunity to see many friends.  One of those friends, Jeff Wright, is blogging about his experience at the meeting.  If you want to know more about the events of the meeting, I recommend his blog to you.


  1. Steve,

    Glad you had a good time in my old “stomping grounds” in Kingsport. My in-laws are members of Higher Ground and my wife is a former member.

    I was raised just across the border in Virginia. Sounds like the meeting was a good one.


  2. Travis,

    Good to hear from you. The meeting did not go too good, in my opinion. Several key issues for conservatives failed on Wednesday. I may post a recap in the next few days.

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