Baseball Playoff Predictions

Tim Ellsworth has made his predictions for the MLB playoffs and he was just wrong on most of his predictions (his bias against the lovable losers of Chicago is apparent). I have corrected his miscues in the comment section of his post and I’ve posted my thoughts here for your enlightenment. Feel free to make your own predictions!


I greatly enjoyed last year’s postseason more than any other in recent memory (with the exception of ‘95) precisely because the Braves weren’t in it. I am so stressed when the Braves are in it and so filled with hatred for the other teams that I can’t enjoy the postseason. With the Mets out of it, I don’t hate any of the current teams in contention. I am tempted to hate the Phillies, but their persistence in overcoming the Mets makes me sentimental even for them. Now after that monologue, I’m ready for my predictions.

NL Wild Card Playoff: San Diego over Colorado. I can’t pick against Peavy. I’m glad he’s getting a chance to go for win #20 today, although this will severely cripple the Padres chances in the NLDS.

NLDS: Chicago over Arizona, Philadelphia over San Diego.  It’s quite simply just the Cubs turn!  Peavey throwing today will hurt the Pads chance in the series, plus Phillie is hot!

NLCS: Chicago over Philadelphia.  It’s the Cubs turn!

ALDS: Boston over LAA, New York over Cleveland. Boston and New York are the best teams in the AL.

ALCS: New York over Boston.  The Revenge of the Empire is complete.

World Series: Chicago over New York.  It’s the Cubs turn and how much better can it get than to beat the Yankees!


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