I’m Back!

I know that most of you didn’t notice my absence from the blogosphere, but my posting has been very limited lately (nothing all last week).  Last week was an extremely busy week which actually began the weekend before with a trip to SBTS in Louisville on Thursday and Friday for a Research Seminar that I am taking with Dr. Haykin on 2nd Century Christianity.  I returned home for preparations on Saturday for our annual homecoming services at WBBC held on Sunday, August 26th.  Following the homecoming festivities I made my way back to Louisville on Sunday night for the Andrew Fuller Conference held at SBTS on Monday and Tuesday (27th and 28th).  Dr. Haykin and I did a booksigning of the new Hercules Collins book at the LifeWay store at SBTS on Tuesday afternoon, then I was back to Lenoir City to assist in the funeral of a beloved church member on Wednesday.  I then drove back to Louisville on Thursday for classes Thursday night and Friday morning (2nd Century Christianity).  Following the class on Thursday, my son Haddon (who accompanied me on this latest trip) and I headed through Nashville to Atlanta to attend two Braves games (Friday and Saturday) courtesy of my brother who had bought me tickets for my birthday.  Then it was back to Lenoir City late Saturday night and two times in the pulpit on Sunday at WBBC.  It was a very busy 10 days!

I have several ideas to blog about this week, including notes from my two messages on Sunday.  Those will be forthcoming throughout the week.  Stay tuned.


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