Things You All Need to Know About

I have been busy this week and unable to post much this week. But there are several things that I think you should know about.

First, Russell Moore’s sermon in SBTS Chapel on Thursday was an excellent treatment of the Lord’s Supper that everyone needs to hear.

Second, my brother finally got back to posting regularly this week and as usual his posts were excellent. Here is a list of the titles to three great posts this week.

Third, my friend Klay Aspinwall begins a series explaining “close communion”.

Fourth, Dr. R. Albert Mohler’s response to a question regarding the use of the phrase “Asking Jesus Into Your Heart”.

Fifth, two selections from the transcript of John MacArthur’s appearance on “Larry King Live” this week.

Sixth, Abraham Piper announces that 30 of his dad’s (the lesser known John) books are available for free online.

Seventh, John Piper announces the appearance of a new book on Christian counseling from one of my former professors, Eric Johnson.

Eighth, this week featured the premiere of a website dedicated to the teaching ministry of Russell Moore in his Sunday School class at 9th and O Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.  It features an audio archive of past SS lessons and an excellent video presentation of the gospel.  Go by and check out Dr. Moore as he breaks out the flannel graph and coloring sheets!


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