1. Sports and religion do not mix. Athletes should keep their religion private. When they retire, then they can spread the word. They must remember they have fans all over the world, with different religious beliefs than them. We don’t want to know the religious affiliation of our heroes. They should be non-
    The Sultan on Sports


  2. “We don’t want to know the religious affiliation of our heroes”

    It’s really up to the athlete. After all journalists cover everything about our athletes, sex lives, scandals, random hobbies etc. I would prefer that people don’t go too much into religion, but they would probably prefer we not pry into their lives in other aspects, so it’s fair.

  3. It’s incredible to see two men who are essentially idolized in our culture today being very forthright about what the center of their lives happens to be. Christianity is not about an ideal or cheap sets of standards, but a personal relationship with the God of the universe. What would it say about Christianity if it is tucked away till no one is watching or listening?

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