Audio Interviews from the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention

Dr. Tom Schreiner and Chad Bresson

My friend Chad Bresson has provided a great service to us all by conducting a large number of interviews for Cedarville University’s THE PATH at the recent meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He writes briefly about his experience here.  This is such a great service because Chad has interviewed many of the people that many of us would have liked to have talked to and he asked them the questions which we would have liked to ask.  I can’t wait to hear them all!  Interviewees include Tom Ascol, Michael Haykin, Russell Moore, Malcolm Yarnell, Mark Dever and Tom Schreiner.  Below is the complete list of the interviews:


  1. Good interviews.

    I especially liked James McDonald’s interview about the Emerging Church.

    He cuts through all the fog of “nonsense” and gets to the heart of the issue.



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