Sunday Night at the Pastor’s Conference

Hayes Wicker of FBC in Naples, FL has put together one of the best programs in recent memory.  The music last night was great and the preaching was excellent.  There is a emphasis on expository preaching which is often missing in this conference.  I had never heard Roger Spradlin before last night, but he is an excellent expository preaching.  His message was convicting and powerful.  It was on the theme of finishing well from 2 Timothy 4.  I highly recommend it to you.  You can watch the archived video from the SBC website.

Jerry Vines also preached an excellent sermon from Acts 8 on the changing chariots.  Bart Barber has an excellent summary of the message.  Two personal evangelism stories framed the message:  one from the past and another from the present.  Although people are changing, he said, they still have the same basic need and we still have the same solution in God’s Word.

Paige Patterson’s testimony was powerful.  He explained God’s purposes in suffering and affliction, including a couple of personal anecdotes.  Very interesting.

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