Headed to the Southern Baptist Convention


On Friday morning all seven of us (Gretta, me and our five children) will load into our minivan and start toward San Antonio, TX for the 2007 Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference and Convention.  We will go half way on Friday and the rest of the way on Saturday.  Haddon and Hannah are looking forward to the children’s conference held in conjunction with the convention and I’m looking forward to certain parts of the pastor’s conference and convention.   One of the exciting things about the convention is the opportunity to see old and make new friends.  We’re also looking forward to seeing the Alamo and other San Antonio sites while we’re in town.  Please pray for us as we travel and let me know if any of you are also headed to San Antonio.


  1. Steve, I, another pastor in our church and a pastor-to-be will be in SA beginning Monday evening. Has your cell number changed? You still have mine? I’d love to get together.

  2. Jonathan,

    We might come through Dallas on the way back. I’m not sure yet.



    I still have the same number and I still have yours. We will be arriving on Saturday evening. Give me a call when you get in town.


    I shall!

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