Graduation for the Girl

This was an eventful week at the Weaver house. On Monday, we had a small kindergarten graduation ceremony to celebrate our oldest daughter Hannah’s completion of requirements for that class. My parents were in town Monday-Wednesday. And, our oldest son Haddon celebrated his eighth birthday on Friday. Another post will follow on Haddon’s birthday, but this post features Hannah and her special day!


Hannah in front of the bookcases in my study

Since we homeschool our children, we had our own graduation ceremony for family at our church on Monday night. Hannah sang, quoted Scripture, and read a short story for the assembled throng. Afterwards, we ate cookies and drank kool-aid in the church’s fellowship hall. A good time was had by all!


Hannah’s Official Graduation Photo (shot by her mom)

As a graduation gift for Hannah, Gretta and I presented her with something she has wanted for a long time: an easel!


A priceless look of surprised joy!

One comment

  1. Way to go Hannah!

    Just think Steve, just 12 more years and it will be high school! :)

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