Birthday for the Boy


Haddon riding the zipline in his new Spiderman suit
given by the Jeremy Weaver family

The other big event at our house this week was our oldest son Haddon’s eighth birthday. We celebrated on Friday with having his cousin Caleb over for a sleep-over. Haddon, Caleb, and I went to Thunder World U.S.A. to ride go-carts, hit in the batting cages, and play games in the gameroom. Afterwards, we looked around a bookstore at comics, DVDs and books. Then we went to the mall and Haddon bought a used Gameboy game with some birthday money and Caleb bought Haddon a couple of Spider-Man action figures and a Batman.


Haddon preparing for the big race.

On the way home we went through the drive-in window at McDonalds for a couple of Cheeseburger Happy Meals and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Value Meal (for me). When we got home the boys played on the newly hung zipline and played in the pool. Then they came inside for an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen (decorated with a Burger King Spider-Man, have all the fast food establishments been missing?). After playing inside for a little while, we took Caleb to meet his parents. Me and Haddon came back and he opened his presents from us: a talking label maker and a Batmobile (we had already given him The Dangerous Book for Boys on Tuesday).

Haddon’s Birthday Cake


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