Recommended Links for Recommended Commentaries

I’m often asked for recommendations for commentaries on specific books of the Bible. Of course, D. A. Carson’s New Testament Commentary Survey (6th Edition) and Tremper Longman’s Old Testament Commentary Survey (4th Edition) remain the best sources in print. But after being asked about recommended commentaries on Philippians today, I did a quick search for online lists of recommended commentaries. Below are the results of that search. If you know of other lists which are online, please email them to me or comment below and I will add them to this list. I know that this list is not exhaustive (yet), but it should serve as a good starting place for finding the best commentaries.


  1. Hello
    Thanks for doing this, a real service. Unfortunately several of the links didn’t work for me and I had to Google the titles. Is this something I shd address or you?
    Thanks again

  2. Dear Steve

    Have you forgotten your post entitled “New Website Featuring Spurgeon’s Recommended Commentaries”
    posted on April 10, 2008?

    Not only is Spurgeon’s list of commentaries one of the best and most enduring reference works, but the commentaries recommended are IMHO still the THE cream of exegetical/hermeneutical works.

    I hope you do not mind my referring your readers to my own website viz.


  3. Ben,

    I’m not sure how you could address it, but feel free to try if you would like.

    I will try and update the links later when I have time. If you want to send me a list of the corrected links, I will update them quicker.


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