Introducing Ray Rhodes


 Ray and his wife Lori

I would like to introduce many of you to the ministry of Ray Rhodes. Ray’s teaching, writing, book, and church planting is called Nourished in the Word Ministries.  Ray is a gifted expository preacher who is available for speaking at Bible Conferences and other events.  Ray and his wife Lori are the parents of five daughters giving Ray a unique interest in and perspective on the family.  Ray has spoken a few times at our church and it has always been a blessing.  He is scheduled to come and preach on Father’s Day this year and will be addressing family worship and the religious education of children in our Sunday School hour and Morning Worship.  We’re looking forward to him and his family being with us!  I highly recommend this man and his ministry to your churches!  Below are a few more credible recommendations:

Ray Rhodes is a dedicated Christian, father, and minister. His ministry is built upon a resolute commitment to the Word of God. I especially appreciate the sincerity, humility, and integrity which have characterized all my dealings with him.

Dr. Donald S. Whitney
Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

There are not many men who are willing to leave the comforts of home to preach and teach in other venues. Ray has the right temperament and the exceptional gifts for just such a ministry. He is hard working, backed by a loving family, prepared to labor in times of feasting or famine. He has a proven preaching gift, and a disciplined life to back up what he says. He is respected and respectful. He’s a learner and a teacher. He’s a faithful friend to pastors and committed to the local church. He will help any church he addresses. I believe he will have a long and appreciated ministry.

Jim Elliff, President
Christian Communicators Worldwide

Ray Rhodes is a man of integrity whose heart is set on seeing local churches strengthened and renewed by God’s Word. His life commends his message.

Dr. Tom Ascol, Executive Director
Founders Ministries

I thank God for Ray Rhodes’ commitment to a high view of God and the sufficiency of Christ and the Scriptures. There are so many ministries out there that are shallow, unbiblical, and very man-centered. Nourished in the Word is not one of those. I have heard Ray speak at my church and I have also read some of his literature. Therefore, I can recommend his ministry to you.

Martha Peace
Author of “The Excellent Wife”

I greatly have appreciated the ministry of Ray Rhodes. His preaching and personal ministry have blessed me and our church family several times. He has ministered in the pulpit as well as at our Youth Camp. Both were equally helpful. I warmly commend Ray and Nourished in the Word to your church family.

John Crotts
Pastor-Teacher, Faith Bible Church
Sharpsburg, GA

To learn more about Ray Rhodes and Nourished in the Word Ministries visit his website which includes links to an online bookstore and several blogs maintained by Ray and his wife Lori.

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