Blogging and Pastoral Ministry, Intro.

To blog, or not to blog?!?! This is the question being asked by many pastors today. On the one hand, many pastors feel drawn to this new way of communication with their peers and parishioners. On the other hand, most (all?) pastors feel crunched for time and the very idea of another demand on their precious schedule brings on an immediate headache! What then should a pastor do? Must he neglect this unique opportunity to influence his church, community and culture for the cause of Christ? Or, should he neglect some other aspect of ministry in order to carve out time to blog? Thankfully, I don’t believe that one has to choose between only these two options. I believe it is possible to blog as a pastor without neglecting your other important duties in that role. For the next few days I will be discussing the benefits, how-to’s and dangers of blogging as a pastor.  The goal of this series of posts is to propose a model for blogging out of the overflow of your pastoral ministry in the local church. This model allows the pastor to continue to focus his attention and energy on the flock which God has entrusted to him, while at the same time recycling the materials used for the benefit of the wider body of Christ. I confess at the outset that I have not succeeded in following this model perfectly myself, but it is my goal and I think it is one worth pursuing.  If you’re interested, stay tune for tomorrows post which will highlight the benefits of blogging as a pastor.


  1. I’ll be here…I like how you used that term we had discusssed, “out of pastoral overflow”. If someone were to look at my posts, they would notice a definite pattern of our Sunday sermons and Wednesday night studies being cut into smaller bits and put up as posts. Since I know ahead of time I will be putting it on the blog, it makes me write everything down instead of “winging it” when coming to passages I have studied before, and it gives opportunity for further study, reflection, and accountability to our members, and of course, visitors to the blog. Done correectly, I am more than all for it, I would recommenrd it for the reasons just stated and more.

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