ETS Paper on Calvin and Cappadocians Now Available

The paper which I recently presented at the Southeast Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society is now available for download in pdf format by clicking here.

The title of the paper is “Use or Influence? Calvin and the Cappadocians.” The paper explores whether the Genevan Reformer John Calvin was influenced in substantial ways by any of the 4th Century Cappadocian Fathers (particularly Basil of Caesarea or Gregory of Nazianzus). All scholars recognize that Calvin used (polemically) the Cappadocians. My paper explores whether Calvin may have been also influenced by Gregory of Nazianzus’ on his doctrine of the Trinity or Basil of Caesarea on his duplex cognitia (two-fold knowledge of God and ourselves). Important Calvin scholars have argued on both sides of these issues and I have finally settled the debate! :)

Note: The bibliography of the paper will provide a list of resources for those who would like to study further on either Calvin, the Cappadocians, or the relationship between them.

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