Watch Al Mohler and R. C. Sproul Live, Free and Online

Tomorrow morning Ligonier Ministries National Conference will conclude. You can watch free streaming video of the sessions online by visiting here and following the links at the appropriate times. Tomorrow’s schedule is as follows:
8:30-9:40 A.M. “The Holy Spirit and Apologetics” Dr. Al Mohler

9:40-10:30 A.M. Questions and Answers Al Mohler, Ravi Zacharias, & R.C. Sproul

11:30-12:30 P.M. “The Resurrection of Christ” Dr. R.C. Sproul

For excellent summaries of the sessions thus far, visit John Rush’s blog (or this lesser known knockoff).


  1. Steve,

    It was a great conference. I’m on my way home–just passed Jacksonville.

    I appreciate the link!

    I plan to post some of my own thoughts in 2-3 write ups…



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