Florida Bible Conference, Day Two

Last night was a good night with messages by both James Shutt and Jimmy Strickland. Bro. Shutt preached first and his message was a powerfully convicting one on the topic of “The Bitterness of Backsliding.” This message dealt with the conditions, causes and consequences of backsliding.

The second message of the night was by Jimmy Strickland on the topic of “Saving Grace.” After tracing the theme of God’s grace throughout the New Testament, Bro. Jimmy focused on Ephesians 2:1-10. He emphasized our past condition, the freeness of grace, and the product of grace, “good works”.

I am scheduled to preach tonight along with James Shutt. I’m expecting to see my friend Mike Towler tonight who is driving over today from Tampa to hear me preach. J.D. Hatfield is also planning to come. I look forward to meeting him, as well.

This afternoon, me and my two oldest sons, along with James Shutt and Howard Estep are going to attend a Spring Training Baseball game featuring the Atlanta Braves vs. the Washington Nationals in Viera, FL. Aren’t we spiritual?


  1. Wow, D.J. and J.D. both commenting on the same post!

    The ballgame was definitely a spiritual experience. I’ll probably post about it later.

    Thanks for making the effort to come over. It was great to fellowship with you!

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