Florida Bible Conference, Day One

Yesterday began the four day Bible Conference at Way of Life Baptist Church in Titusville, FL where my dad pastors. It was a great day of fellowship with the kind people of the church, along with the visiting preachers and singers.

The first message of the conference was preached on Sunday morning by Mississippi pastor Jimmy Strickland from 2 Corinthians 7:2-16. It was a great message which was well set in its immediate and historical contexts. A good summary of the message is provided on my dad’s blog.

I preached the next message in the 6 pm service last night. I struggled with exactly what to preach, but I ended up preaching from Nehemiah 8:1-12 on some characteristics of genuine revival. True revival includes a reverencing, receiving and responding to the Word of God.

The final sermon of the day was preached by Howard Estep and he preached all over the house (literally) on the question: “Are You In?” The question was in regard to the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Brother Estep did a great job of explaining the concept of the kingdom and the necessity of entering the kingdom by showing how the term “kingdom” is used throughout the New Testament. His message reflected a wide knowledge of Scripture and how it all fits together.

The conference will continue tonight with messages by Jimmy Strickland and James Shutt. I’m not preaching again until tomorrow night. I’m working today on editing the selections for the Hercules Collins volume. I will try and provide another update tomorrow.


  1. You are always gracious and encouraging when commenting on other preachers. Hope you all are doing well.

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