Isaac Watts Weaver is Three Years Old!!!

Haddon and I returned home from Jackson, TN tonight just in time to have a delicious birthday dinner with my and Gretta’s third child, Isaac. His official birthday party with his cousins and family will be on Monday night, but tonight was our opportunity to give him the gifts we purchased for him. He seemed to enjoy as the following photos show:

Isaac/Superman in his new “inflato-muscle suit”

Isaac/Superman showing his newly discovered physique and showcasing his
laser-beam vision (click on the picture to enlarge, then look at his eyes)

Isaac/Superman causing Superman and Lex Luthor to do battle in the air.
The battle between Superman and Lex Luthor moves to the ground!


  1. Happy birthday Isaac! Tim is right, lots of great people were born in February…some presidents and a few Weavers.

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