Jim Shaddix: The Future of the Traditional Church

Jim Shaddix is speaking tonight on “The Parable of the Young Baptist: Informed Speculation on the Future of the Traditional Church.” The choice is not simply one between the “contemporary” and “traditional”. Our children are not running from a lifeless form, but a lifeless Christianity.

The alternate venues (like “Emergent” and “Seeker Sensitive”, etc.) are not as nearly appealing to the unchurched as the marginally churched in our midst. Our young people are not opposed to hymns, but the heartless and lifeless ways we sing them. Young people will listen to the organ at a baseball game. They watch Jay Leno deliver his monologue in a suit and tie. Nobody writes him off as irrelevant. We don’t understand the real problem, so we focus on the externals that we can touch and see.

Future Hope . . . The traditional church will survive and thrive IF it understands that young people are leaving , not because of what we’re giving them, but because of what we’re not giving them. If we begin to understand this, young people may begin returning to the traditional church.

The traditional church understands that the culture is constantly changing and that no church can keep up. Many traditional churches have an honorable respect for the practice.

What will our young people find if they return to our churches? They will return to their roots if their roots are strong.

We need to discuss the questions of theology, doctrine, and expository preaching in Southern Baptist life!

The problem is not the traditional or contemporary church, but a failure to preach expositionally and train a generation in the Word of God. The traditional church will survive if we teach our people the Word of God.

Awesome application by Jim Shaddix! Buy the CD or download the MP3 when it comes available.

The traditional church will survive and thrive if and when it’s people have a change of heart about their God, His worship, and the people for which He died.

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