In My MP3 Player

I was blessed in a recent day of traveling to listen to a several great sermons on MP3. I thought I would share them with you.
The first was a message by Danny Akin which was preached at last Fall’s South Carolina Baptist Convention’s Pastor’s Conference. I had heard about the message from Chadwick Ivester’s blog a couple of months ago, but I had tried in vain to obtain the audio file. Thankfully, the message was recently featured on Dr. Akin’s podcast. The title of the message is “The Pastor as Theologian.” You can listen to the message by using the link in the message title. I can now testify that the message is as good as advertised!
The next was a message preached at a recent SBTS Chapel service by William Cook, Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Pastor of The 9th and O Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. The message from Daniel 10 was titled “When Heaven and Earth Collide” and I highly recommend it. It is a powerfully convicting message of the importance of prayer. Don’t miss this one.

I also listened to the messages from the 2007 Desiring God Pastor’s Conference. Each message was very good. Links to the audio of this conference are available on this page.

Happy listening!

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