Gospel of Matthew SermonAudio Updated

My most recent message on the Gospel of Matthew is now available for download or listening online. The message from Matthew 4:1-11 titled “The Testing of the King” is available by clicking here. I am editing the sermon manuscript and it should be posted later today. Here are links both to the text and audio versions of the previous six sermons in my series on the Gospel of Matthew:


  1. I’m almost done with a exposition through the book of Matthew. We’re at Matthew 20 this week. We’ve been doing a chapter a week, so all in all, it’s taking us 28 weeks (Duh.) It’s been a lot of fun, and people have really learned from it. God bless.

  2. Great Derek! I’m averaging two sermons per chapter (as you can tell from the above). I don’t know if that pace will continue in the future. When you see the motif of Jesus as the Messianic King, the book really comes alive doesn’t it?

    Thanks for your comment and for including me in the list of 20 must read blogs!

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