Preacher Spotlight: Daniel Akin

From time to time on this blog I would like to highlight the preaching ministries of certain men whose sermons have been a blessing to me. One such man is Dr. Daniel (Danny) Akin. Dr. Akin is the current President of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC and was the previous Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Dr. Akin possesses the rare combination of heat and light, or heart and head. In other words, he is a capable exegete of Scripture, as well as a passionate preacher. The result of such a combination is a blessing to both the heart and head of the hearer. A number of resources are available from Dr. Akin at his President’s Page on Southeastern’s webpage. One of Dr. Akin’s four sons, Nathan, has recently highlighted his dad’s new podcast. He wrote at SBC Witness:

Danny Akin is now offering a weekly podcast on his website. The site will release one sermon a week on Mondays. His sermon series through Jude will be released first, and will follow all the way through his series on the Revelation. He preached a 7-part series on Jude during Southeastern’s 2006 Spring semester. He preached the 36-part series entitled “The Great Unveiling” through Revelation when he served as teaching Pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. These are all expository sermons, verse-by-verse through the final two books of the Bible. I would greatly encourage you to go to I-Tunes, his website, or Southeastern’s and subscribe to this podcast.

The instructions for subscribing to the podcast are available here. I already subscribed and have downloaded the first three messages on Jude. I don’t agree with Dr. Akin about every detail of his theology (notably his eschatology), but I do appreciate his serious commitment to Biblical scholarship and his giftedness in preaching. He strikes me as a courageous man of God willing to stand for what he believes. Also, his commentary on 1, 2, 3 John in the NAC series was the best that I used when preaching through the books a couple of years ago. Below are a few of the messages by Dr. Akin which I have been encouraged/challenged by:

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  1. I was blessed to have Dr. Akin as a professor while a student at The Criswell College in Dallas. I truly enjoyed his classes, was challenged, and learned a lot! He is very good at making a student defend his position from the Scripture, alone!! I have always appreciated his stance on the inspiration and sufficiency of Scripture and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to hear him preach to do so.


  2. I have been blessed by several of your previous recommendation and look forward to listening to Dr. Akin. Thanks for the great resources!

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