Believer’s Baptism Table of Contents

As I mentioned in a previous post, Broadman & Holman’s new title Believer’s Baptism is now shipping from My copy was delivered to my door today by UPS and it looks even better than I anticipated. Below is a scan of the Table of Contents which I have not yet seen on the internet. The Table of Contents can be enlarged for better viewing by clicking on the image.

Here are a few of the endorsements from the back cover:

Believer’s Baptism is destined to be a classic concerning the doctrine of baptism. It is scholarly and practical, biblical and pastoral. Without demeaning those with whom they disagree, the contributors to this volume make the case for believer’s baptism by immersion as biblical baptism. Any future discussion of this doctrine will have to take this work into consideration.

Daniel L. Akin, President
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This book brings a marvelous amount of clarity to an old debate, showing the importance of this issue, interacting graciously with those who support infant baptism, and providing a wealth of biblical, historical, theological, and practical information. It is a challenging book that may cause many readers to re-think their own positions on baptism!

– Wayne Grudem
Research Professor of Bible and Theology
Phoenix Seminary

Believer’s Baptism is now unquestionably the best volume on a theology of baptism and the best defense of believer’s baptism available. The editors have assembled an excellent group of Baptist scholars to cover an amazing field of study that readers will find fascinating and rich. Much attention is devoted, as one might imagine, to describing and answering the paedobaptist tradition – and answer it does! Strong fidelity to Scripture’s teaching, deep devotion to Christ and his great commission, and clear articulation of the glorious new covenant in Christ mark this excellent volume’s treatment of baptism. Readers will be astonished at how much they will benefit from this book, and all those who cherish believer’s baptism will rejoice that their view has been given such able expression.

– Bruce A. Ware
Professor and Senior Associate Dean, School of Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

To order this volume from my Amazon store, click here.


  1. Looking forward to reading this one. I have read a lot of the works out there on baptism in the last year and have been quite disappointed with all of them.

  2. You’ve convinced me. Especially the chapter on the Stone-Campbell movement. Being in a Bible college run by them, and with the class on Acts coming up, I don’t see how I can pass this one up. Also, I’m ordering it through your blog.

    Lining your pockets with green,

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