1. Steve and Gretta:

    Congratulations. All of us here have been checking out the pictures. We’re looking forward to seeing Lydia in person soon.

    David, Carrie, Chris, Alina, Michaila

  2. Steve,

    For some reason we weren’t even thinking you guys were expecting again.

    With that said let me wish you a giant CONGRATULATIONS!

    She is indeed beautiful as is the rest of your family.

    God has been kind to you. Congrats again.

  3. My love and best wishes. What a great ocassion – to have the siblings meet the new arrival. Our third is coming in May and we have all this to look forward to.

  4. Steve and Gretta:

    Congrats!! Now Emily and I only have to have four more babies to catch up with you guys :)

    Take care!


  5. Behold, what a blessing.
    Happy is the man who has his quiver full! Be faithful, trust in God, and they will all rise up to call you both blessed.

    Wayne Hatcher

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