"How I Prepare An Expository Sermon": The Series

A few important comments about this series. First, it was inspired by an innocent question from The Thirsty Theologian, David Kjos (see here). Hence, he deserves all the blame and none of the credit for the content of these posts! :) Second, this is not a prescriptive, but a descriptive series. It is intentionally not titled: “How You Ought to Prepare An Expository Sermon.” It is merely a description of my practice on a weekly basis. There are, of course, some key principles that everyone ought to do in preparing to preach, but the way you do it will differ based upon your gifts, time, personality and desires. Third, I have not consulted any preaching textbooks in the preparation of this series. This series has simply been the product of my reflections upon what I actually do each week. But this does not mean that I have not been profoundly influenced by certain books on expository preaching in the development of my current practice. Those of you who are familiar with the key texts used to teach expository preaching will recognize (I hope) elements of Bryan Chappel’s Christ Centered Preaching, Graeme Goldsworthy’s Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, Wayne McDill’s Twelve Essential Skills for Great Preaching. While those are my favorite books on the preparation and delivery of expository sermons, other great ones are available. Books like: Power in the Pulpit by Jerry Vines, Between Two Worlds by John Stott, Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson, and Expository Preaching edited by John MacArthur, Jr.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who made doing this series so rewarding for me personally. When I started it was just fun for to write down what I do on a weekly basis (as my wife has read them she has said, “Yeah, that’s what you do.”), but when I began to be linked by others who seemed to be encouraged by the series I was in turn encouraged! Thanks for all the encouragement and for entrusting me with your readers!

Here’s a list of people that I’ve found who linked to some part of the series:

  • David Kjos at The Thirsty Theologian (every post). You don’t need a blogreader if you visit his excellent blog. He posts links to the best of the best (and some of my stuff too). He is also an excellent blogger himself, though he doesn’t post enough of his own stuff.
  • Tim Challies at Challies Dot Com (as if you didn’t know). Tim came from The Thirsty Theologian link and when he linked to my initial post in his daily “A La Carte” my SiteMeter went crazy.
  • Paul Lamey at Expository Thoughts. I have to confess that I had not read this blog before I found the link, but I have since added it to my blogroll and I now subscribe in my reader. I was surprised at the number of hits that I have already received and continue to receive from this site.
  • Colin Adams at Unashamed Workman (not once, but twice). This new blog has quickly has become one of my favorites! As I commented over there recently: “This blog is to preaching what ESPN is to sports!” If you’re a preacher this blog (along with Expository Thoughts) is a must read!
  • Bret Capranica at The Capranica (two or three times). Bret is a friend and a great pastor/expository in sunny California.
  • Scott Lamb at Thoughts and Adventures. Scott also posts at Wisdom of the Pages where he talks about ideas by talking about books. I appreciate Scott’s friendship and ministry.
  • Bill Hayes at rev bill. Rev. Bill Hayes is a PCUSA pastor, that’s about all I know about him. Thanks for the link, Bill!
  • Jeff de Ruyter at Worlds Apart. I don’t know Jeff either, but I appreciate the link!
  • Timmy Brister at Provocations & Pantings. Timmy is another friend that I’ve come to appreciate over the past year. He is an excellent thinker and he articulates well that which he thinks. That’s a great combination. This link was just added today, so I don’t know the impact it will have on my SiteMeter. I do, however, expect great things for Timmy is a “famous” blogger!

If you linked to the series and I missed it here, just comment here and I’ll edit the post to add your link. Thanks again everyone!

Interestingly, neither my dad or brother linked to the series. But I will give them these links anyway. They’re desperate for visits!


  1. Whoever gets the credit or the blame, I am glad that you decided to write this series. I really appreciated the insights that I was able to see. I just graduated from Bible college and I love to get any insights in this direction that I can get. Thanks!

  2. This stuff looks very publishable.
    I’m surprised that the Expository Thoughts boys haven’t linked you yet, not to mentioned that they haven’t asked you to be a contributor!

  3. Thanks again, Nicholas.

    Expository Thoughts did link early on (see above). I think Paul Lamey is busy in California learning about preaching the Old Testament.

  4. Wha? Famous blogger? That’s the other Iranian.

    Great job Steve. This is a very worthy contribution to the blogosphere.

  5. You did a great job on this series and I am proud of you and your work. The only and I mean only reason I didn’t link this series is that most, if not all my readers come from you or Jeremy. Nobody goes from me to you.

    Now Jeremy on the other hand, I don’t know why he didn’t. Possibly, he was afraid that if he linked you and it put you into a higher orbit in the blogosphere, you might get proud and lose your annointing.

  6. “Now Jeremy on the other hand, I don’t know why he didn’t. Possibly, he was afraid that if he linked you and it put you into a higher orbit in the blogosphere, you might get proud and lose your annointing.”

    Funny stuff!!

  7. Pastor Steve,

    Many thanks for your humble service to the Body of Christ in posting this fine series. Excellent work! I have posted a link to this series over at http://www.reformationtheology.com and trust it will be a blessing to many. Thanks once again.

    Pastor John Samson

  8. Steve, gutted to hear that your father and brother didn’t link to your posts. What was it Jesus said, “a prophet isn’t accepted…” ;)

    More seriously – loved the series.

  9. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words!

    Thanks again for the link!

    Thanks for the link!

    Thanks, I understand. I just wanted an excuse to link to you and send some traffic to your worthy blog!

  10. Pastor Steve, you may want to update the links (they are pointing to blogger) for this post. I note that you have the articles in question in the archives here, but these links point elsewhere.

    Grace and peace,


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