Books Read in 2006

Since 2002 I’ve maintained a list of books which I’ve read. My goal is to read at least 52 books a year. Below is a list of the books which I read during 2006 (a pdf of the entire list since 2002 is available here). I simply list the book’s title, author and a category. The category is helpful for me to check whether or not I’m reading in different fields. I use it as a diagnostic test to ensure that I my reading is balanced by including books in the areas of Church History, Biblical Interpretation, Pastoral Helps, Marriage and Family, Biography, Theology, etc. You might notice a few books listed which might be a stretch (For example, in 2003 I included two books from the Chronicles of Narnia which I read to my kids to reach the magic number of 52!). I also include the commentaries which I read (not just the ones I consult, but the ones I actually read virtually every word). The larger books I sometimes count twice (I feel I need more credit for a 800+ page commentary or systematic theology). This year I was able to reach my goal of 52 books (including a short book on Isaac Watts which I finished on New Year’s Day) for only the second time. However, I believe that I have read more books over the past five years than I would have without the goal (a grand total of 212). I am a firm believer that most anyone can read more if they will plan to do so. Tolle legge!

Read in 2006

  • With One Voice Reggie Kidd WOR
  • Love Worth Finding Joyce Rogers BIO
  • The Prayer of Jesus Hank Hanegraaff CL
  • George Whitefield Vol. 1 Arnold Dallimore BIO
  • The Bible and the Future Anthony Hoekema THE
  • The Art of Divine Contentment Thomas Watson CL
  • George Whitefield, Vol. 2 Arnold Dallimore BIO
  • Christianity and Liberalism J. Gresham Machen THE
  • Showing the Spirit D.A. Carson BI
  • The Epistle to the Romans (½) Douglas Moo COM
  • Romans (½) Tom Schreiner COM
  • The Epistle to the Romans (½) Leon Morris COM
  • Romans (½) John Stott COM
  • The Epistle of Paul to the Romans F.F. Bruce COM
  • Heaven Randy Alcorn THE
  • Jesus Under Fire Wilkins/Moreland THE
  • Humility: True Greatness C.J. Mahaney CL
  • Christ in the Old Testament James Borland THE
  • God’s Unfaithful Wife Raymond Ortlund, Jr BI/TH
  • The Temple Repaired Hercules Collins HIS
  • God’s Big Picture Vaughn Roberts BI/TH
  • Confessions of a Reformission Rev. Mark Driscoll PH
  • The Wages of Spin Carl R. Trueman CUL/THE
  • The Armies of the Lamb Michael Haykin HIS
  • The Craft of Research Booth, Colomb and Williams RES
  • The Oxford Guide to Library Research Thomas Mann RES
  • Depression Ed Welch PH/CL
  • Kiffin, Knollys and Keach Michael Haykin HIS
  • The English Baptist of the 17th Century B. R. White HIS
  • “To Honour God” The Spirituality of Cromwell Michael Haykin HIS
  • Defence of the Truth Michael Haykin HIS
  • The Church and the Charisma of Leadership in Basil of Caesarea
  • Paul Jonathan Fedwick BIO
  • On the Holy Spirit Basil of Caesarea THE
  • The Cappadocians Anthony Meredith HIS
  • Basil of Caesarea Philip Rousseau BIO
  • On God and Christ St. Gregory of Nazianzus THE
  • Hosea (TOTC) David Allan Hubbard COM
  • The Message of Hosea (BST) Derek Kidner COM
  • The Life of Saint Macrina St. Gregory of Nyssa BIO
  • Exploring Church History James Eckman HIS
  • John Calvin – Student of the Church Fathers Anthony Lane HIS
  • Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ John Piper CL/THE
  • The Modern Researcher Barzun & Graff RES
  • Style: Toward Clarity and Grace Joseph Williams RES
  • The English Puritans John Brown HIS
  • Offering Christ to the World Peter J. Morden BIO
  • A Field Guide to Evangelicals & Their Habitat Joel Kilpatrick HUM
  • A Reformed Baptist Manifesto Sam Waldron THE
  • Richard Barcellos
  • God’s Indwelling Presence James Hamilton THE
  • A Cloud of Witnesses Michael A. G. Haykin HIS
  • Spiritual Birthline Stephen Smallman THE/PH
  • 52 Isaac Watts N. A. Woychuk BIO

The entire list of books which I read from 2002-2006.


  1. You’re supposed to put the Bible at the top of the list to increase the “ain’t I spiritual” effect. Now I may have to delink you.

  2. Jonathan,

    I still don’t understand the question. That is what I read all of 2006. If you’re making a joke, please put the smiley face sign next time. :)

  3. Steve – thanks for the list and the personal example of diligence and pursuing a healthy approach to keeping yourself growing in the midst of pastoral details that can often distract.

    All that reading and still time to be one of the webs best bloggers. Keep it up.

  4. Great lists…Let me encourage you to add a couple of philosophy of science books in 2007:
    An older one, The Soul of Science by Charles Thaxton and Nancy Piercey, and a new one Redeeming Science by Vern Poythress.

    I figure that if a science guy (I) can read theology (though not as much as you or Bro. Tom) you should read some science philosophy.

  5. Bill,

    Thanks for the recommendations. Those both look like titles and authors I would be interested in reading. Thanks for stopping by! Tell Dr. Nettles that I said hello.

  6. Patrick,

    Not half as impressive as your substantial posts at “Triablogue” and “Talking Out of Turn”.

    Thanks for reading what I read!

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