Thomas Crosby on Hercules Collins

from Thomas Crosby’s The History of the English Baptists. Vol. 3, pp. 129-130 (BSB)

Mr. Hercules Collins, a faithful minister of the gospel; though he had not a learned education, yet was a very useful and laborious servant of Christ, and one that suffered imprisonment for his sake. He began to be religious early, and continued faithful to the last, and was not shock’d by the fury of persecutors. (Works p. 235) “He was one,” says Mr. Piggot,

that had a solid acquaintance with divine things; about which he always spoke with a becoming seriousness, and a due relish. — He shewed an unwearied endeavour to recover the decayed power of religion; for he lived what he preached, and it pleased God to succeed his endeavours in the gospel after a wonderful manner. HE had Luther’s three qualifications for a gospel-minister; he was much given to meditation and prayer; and hardly any man was more grievously tempted of the devil than he, though for many years Satan, in a great measure, was bruised under his feet; and God had so cleared up his love to his soul, that he could say, I know in whom I have believed. His constant walk was in the fear of the Lord, and in the comforts of the Holy Ghost. He had a full assurance of the love of God for many years: yet this did not make him careless, and negligent in duty: it did not lift him up above m measure, but kept him at the foot of Christ. He was faithful in every relation; a man of truth and integrity, one entirely devoted to the service of the temple, and zealously bent to promote the interest of the Lord redeemer.

After a few days indisposition, he was removed from the toils of the pulpit to the triumphs of the throne, on the 4th day of October, Anno Dom. 1702. He wrote a large pamphlet in 4to, intitled, The sandy foundation of infants baptism shaken.

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