The Works of Hercules Collins

In my research so far, I have discovered twelve distinct works by Hercules Collins. These works are listed below in chronological order by their date of publication.
  1. An Orthodox Catechism, London; 1680. (86 pages, with final 12 being an appendix on the duty of congregational singing)
  2. Some Reasons for Separation From the Church of England, London; 1682. (24 pages)
  3. Counsel for the Living Occasioned from the Dead, London; 1684. (37 pages, final 3 ½ elegy)
  4. A Voice from the Prison, London; 1684. (34 pages)
  5. Mountains of Brass, Or, The Decrees of God, London; 1690. (31 pages)
  6. Believers’ Baptism from Heaven, London; 1691. (In opposition to Infant Baptism) (139 pages) Final chapter (X) republished in The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record 1846, pp. 330-334 under the title “The Reputed Anabaptists of Germany”
  7. The Antidote Proved A Counterfeit, London; 1693. (20 pages)
  8. Truth and Innocence Vindicated, London; 1695. (12 pages)
  9. The Sandy Foundation of Infant Baptism, London; 1695. (50 pages)
  10. Marrow of Gospel History, London; 1696. (104 pages)
  11. Three Books, London; 1696. (104 pages) includes reprints of Mountains of Brass and Marrow of Gospel History as well as the only edition of The Scribe Instructed into the Kingdom of Heaven (78 pages)
  12. The Temple Repair’d, London; 1702. (64 pages)

Works Available Online
The Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church website has a number of old Baptist works available online. To access their html files of articles and books click here. To access their pdf files of articles and books click here. They have a couple of Hercules Collins works hosted on their site. First, PDF files of the original printing of The Temple Repaired are available for downloading by clicking each of the following four links.

In addition, The Temple Repaired and Mountains of Brass are both available in html format by clicking the following links:

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