A Break in the Action, Footnotes, and Posting Schedule

With the weekend coming and Christmas just around the corner, I believe that I will postpone the rest of my series on “How I Prepare An Expository Sermon” until after Christmas and maybe even until after the New Year. The response has been overwhelming and I would like to thank everyone who has visited and those who have sent people this way through their links.

A few important comments about this series. First, it was inspired by The Thirsty Theologian, David Kjos (see here). Hence, he deserves all the blame and none of the credit for the content of these posts! :) Second, this is not a prescriptive, but a descriptive series. It is intentionally not titled: “How You Ought to Prepare An Expository Sermon.” It is merely a description of my practice on a weekly basis. There are, of course, some key principles that everyone ought to do in preparing to preach, but the way you do it will differ based upon your gifts, time, personality and desires. Third, I have not consulted any preaching textbooks in the preparation of this series. This series has simply been the product of my reflections upon what I actually do each week. But this does not mean that I have not been profoundly influenced by certain books on expository preaching in the development of my current practice. Those of you who are familiar with the key texts used to teach expository preaching will recognize (I hope) elements of Bryan Chappel’s Christ Centered Preaching, Graeme Goldsworthy’s Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, Wayne McDill’s Twelve Essential Skills for Great Preaching. While those are my favorite books on the preparation and delivery of expository sermons, other great ones are available. Books like: Power in the Pulpit by Jerry Vines, Between Two Worlds by John Stott, Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson, and Expository Preaching edited by John MacArthur, Jr.

My next post will be a picture of my kids on our Christmas card sent out this year. On Sunday evening (Christmas Eve) or Monday morning (Christmas Day), I will post my sermon manuscript for this Sunday morning’s message on Matthew 1:18-25 titled “The Birth of the King.” Future posts in the “How I Prepare An Expository Sermon” will include posts on the writing of the manuscript and the actual preaching of the sermon. In these posts, I plan to outline different ways from the past in which I have scheduled my week to do the work of sermon preparation. My schedule changes from time to time based on other responsibilities, but I always have a schedule. Stay tuned for those posts either after Christmas or the New Year.

Finally, here is a list of links to the posts which have already been made in this series:


  1. Steve, I haven’t been reading the blogosphere for a while and missed these excellent posts. Thanks for sharing your study process. I greatly appreciate your ministry. Have a great New Year!

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