Preacher Spotlight: Don Whitney

From time to time on this blog I would like to highlight the preaching ministries of certain men whose sermons have been a blessing to me. One such man is Don Whitney. I have been blessed by Bro. Whitney’s ministry in a variety of ways over the past several years. He has a website that is chocked full of resources for a pastor. His books on the spiritual disciplines have had a positive impact on my life and ministry. I’ve also had the privilege of being blessed by his ministry in a personal way when he came and led a “Spiritual Disciplines” Conference at our church a few years ago. I have always found Don Whitney to be a gracious and godly man. Most recently I have been blessed by Don’s pulpit ministry through a few mp3s of his sermons. His website contains a number of these sermons in both RealAudio and MP3 format. Below are a few of the sermons which I have heard recently. I was greatly blessed by them and I’m sure that if you take the time to listen you will be too!

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