New Sermon Series: The Gospel of Matthew

I am beginning a new sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew this Sunday morning at West Broadway Baptist Church of Lenoir City. What commentaries do you recommend? I currently have the following:
  1. Matthew (NAC) by Craig L. Blomberg
  2. The Gospel of Matthew (2 volumes) by James Montgomery Boice
  3. Commentary on Matthew by John A. Broadus
  4. God With Us: Themes from Matthew by D. A. Carson
  5. Matthew (NTC) by William Hendriksen
  6. A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew by Craig S. Keener
  7. Matthew (4 volumes) by John F. MacArthur, Jr.
  8. The Gospel According to Matthew by G. Campbell Morgan
  9. The Gospel According to Matthew by Leon Morris
  10. Matthew (NIBC) by Robert H. Mounce
  11. The Gospel of Matthew (NIGTC) by John Nolland
  12. Studies in Matthew (3 volumes) by Joseph Parker

Any suggestions? Which of these have been most helpful to you?


  1. Steve,

    I have no recommendations on commentaries but my question is how long will it take you to put your sermons online on your website or sermon audio? Also, how long will you probably take to go through the Gospel of Matthew, 8 years like Piper did Romans? :-)

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the question. My plans are to post my “manuscript” (like the ones on Romans) online on either Sunday or Monday of each week. The audio will take a little longer (I still haven’t got all of Romans online.).

    As far as how long I plan on spending on Matthew: Probably a little over a year or 50+ sermons. That’s based on an average of two sermons a chapter which is how it seems to be breaking down initially. That number could change based upon how I decide to deal with the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes in particular.

  3. <span style=”tone: smart-alecky;”>The Gospel According to Matthew by the Apostle Matthew</span>

    Sorry, I have no recommendations, but I would be interested in your analysis of Morgan’s commentary.

  4. Wayne,

    I’ll try, but how about you move down here and take over my podcast ministry?


    You know that you don’t have to indicate when you’re going to be a “smart-alecky”, just when you’re being serious.

    I haven’t gotten into Morgan’s commentary yet, it will be one of the last I read (I have a certain order about how I read commentaries, but that’s another post. Not really, I’m not going to post about it. Unless someone asks real nicely.). However, based on my past experience with Morgan, there will be some helpful insights from time to time into the text. He was a man who meditated deeply upon the text and seemed to say things in a memorable way.

  5. Steve,
    I haven’t heard your podcast as of yet. How do you do you homiletics? I remember taking a course from Lawrence Richards book, Creative Bible Teaching, which has Hook, Book, Look and Took.

  6. Seriously, I would like to hear how you read commentaries. I think I have a general idea what order you read them in.

    1. Technical/linguistic commentaries 1st.
    2. Doctrinal commentaries.
    3. Expository commentaries last- you probably even leave these ’til you’ve worked out your own outlines and are almost finished.

    Am I close?

  7. Paul,

    I have sermons under the “Bible Exposition” tag. They are differing types and quality. I am most comfortable with a combination of a Bryan Chapell and Graeme Goldsworthy.

  8. You got it David! But are you being serious or “smart-alecky”?

    I was going to do a whole post on it, but since you stated it so succinctly I’ll have to think of something else to write about tomorrow.

  9. Steve

    My favorite commentary was Spurgeon’s only true commentary – The Gospel of the Kingdom – obviously on Matthew. I found mine at Pilgrim Publications. He does a good job on the Sermon on the Mount.

  10. David,

    OK, you talked me into it. I’m working on a series of posts on “How I Prepare an Expository Sermon”. I began typing it last night, but I realized that it was going to be too long, so I’ll continue working on it, break it up into a series and publish it next week (probably). Merry Christmas!


    Good call! I ordered it! I also borrowed my brother’s copy of the volume in the Expositor’s Bible Commentary which includes D.A. Carson’s commentary on Matthew. Carson is one of my favorite and most trusted commentators.

  11. Steve,
    When you prepare your sermons, do you ever listen to sermons from Pastors who’ve already preached on the book such as Dr. Piper or Dr. Macarthur or others to help you with insight into those passsages?

  12. Paul,

    Rarely, but occasionally. I am more likely to listen S. Lewis Johnson since his messages are more exegetical in nature and more like listening to an actual commentary(not necessarily a good thing, but he did it well).

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