Oaktreeidea.com Interview

I was recently interviewed by Mr. Brady Stump, founder of Oaktreeidea.com. Oaktreeidea.com is an online Christian community. The goal of this site as stated on their “About” page is:

The new Oaktreeidea.com seeks to bring people together that have a passion for God, life, community, and have the drive and urgency to make a difference in this world. The site is also geared for those that are seeking direction in their life and want to learn more about the Christian faith. We want to be a gathering place for the purpose driven, the innovators, the difference makers and the ones that want to leave their stamp on the world. Our hope is that the new site will foster creativity and innovation in the world and be the launching pad for the next great idea that will leave a positive impact on the world.

To read the interview with me, click here. While you’re at Oaktreeidea.com take a moment to look around, you just might like what you see.


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