Post #400

With this post I’ve reached a significant milestone, 400 total posts! I know the significance of 300 wins for a pitcher and 500 homeruns and/or 3,000 hits for a hitter, but what is the benchmark for being enshrined in the Blogger’s Hall of Fame? This is an especially difficult question given the inflated numbers being put up by Tim Challies in this steroid era of blogging.

I guess in this area, as in pastoral ministry, it is best to simply remain faithful and let the numbers take care of themselves. Right, Justin?

See you at 500!


  1. I always knew you were blog-doping! Your post is as good as an admission. Come clean now, Steve!

    Congress is going to call you to testify before a cyber committee–and all the world will be watching.

    The headlines: “Is Steve clean? Or is he blog-doping?”

    By the looks of 400 posts, I think the answer is obvious


  2. Congrats on 400 posts!

    Will steroids really help me blog more and better? If so, will you sell me some? Also I would be interested in some sermon enhancing drugs if you have any or know where I might get them.

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