The Nativity Story Opens Friday

The Nativity Story, a Hollywood movie depicting the story surrounding the birth of Jesus, will be released in theaters this Friday, December 1st. Below are a few links of interest related to this movie:
Excerpts from the reviews by James Smith and Dr. Mohler:

James Smith (read entire review):

What was clear to me as I screened “The Nativity Story” was that the filmmakers were intent on being as true as possible to what the Bible tells us about Jesus’ birth. Throughout “The Nativity Story” – which weaves together the birth narratives of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke – the film is a faithful re-telling in dramatic fashion of this crucial witness of Scripture. . . .

“The Nativity Story” offers a respectful and faithful portrayal of the biblical account of the incarnation – the radical truth articulated by Melchior upon finding Jesus – “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn. 1:14).

Dr. Mohler
(read entire review):

My family and I attended a media screening for The Nativity Story last night. Here is my instant review — the movie is in season and on message. In other words, the movie faithfully presents the main thrust of the Christmas story. That is no small achievement.

The movie, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, takes some liberties with the biblical accounts found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Nevertheless, the invented scenes and dialogue do not distract from the biblical storyline. The screenplay by Mike Rich presents key truths such as the virgin conception and deity of Jesus with unambiguous clarity and artistic force. . . .

When it comes to the virgin birth, the divinity, and the saving mission of the Christ Child, the movie never blinks. Cinematographers may find fault with the presentation of the angels and the voice of God, but I have the sense that where the director had to choose between accuracy and artistry, accuracy often won. For that decision Christians should be thankful. . . .

Should the story of Jesus be reduced to film? That question is not as easily dismissed as some might think. Nevertheless, The Nativity Story is the first major Hollywood studio film in many years to deal with a biblical story. In fact, World magazine reviewer Steve Beard reports that The Nativity Story is the first such release from a major studio since Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments.

So, Hollywood has produced a major film with a national release that straightforwardly presents the central themes and events of the biblical accounts of Christ’s birth. We should not let that fact pass without notice. The movie opens across America on December 1.


  1. I’m so glad, and more than a little surprised, to hear they didn’t screw this up .. I can’t wait to see it

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