A Late Day for Tennessee Baptists

Wednesday was a long day for the messengers who stayed to the bitter end of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. I was one of the few and the proud. It was a dramatic day of both ups and downs. I’m still not 100% sure what happened, and I don’t think anyone will know for sure until the Executive Committee has the opportunity to meet in January and propose (hopefully) a new budge that is more “equitable” to all entities of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. For a blow by blow account of the days proceedings (which I have neither the energy or interest in describing) please visit the blog of my friend Jeff Wright who has done an excellent job of summarizing the actions of this years convention. He is now right up there with Tim Challies in the “Best Live-Blogging” category for 2006!

To summarize, this years convention was the most promising in recent memory. Much progress was made in the area of establishing doctrinal accountability for the various institutions of the TBC. This is important for the good-faith of Tennessee Baptist Churches, the vast majority of which are conservative in their theology. To have boards controlled by more moderate interests is to be out of touch with where most Tennessee Baptists are. I’m glad to say that this convention moved us further down the road to doctrinal accountability, but the journey continues. Dr. Dockery’s report for Union University remains a highlight of the convention. Union’s stated commitment to doctrinal fidelity resonated with the messengers assembled in Memphis this year. The approach taken by Dr. Dockery is one which we would see emulated by other institution heads in the future. Not in word only, but also in deed and in truth.

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