Messengers, Don’t Leave Early !

Although today was a historic day for Tennessee Baptists (see here), there are still some important issues that will be discussed in business sessions on Wednesday. The discussion time for the Belmont Study Committee has still not occurred and will not take place until the Miscellaneous Business Session scheduled sometime after 2:20 pm.

Additionally, messengers will have the opportunity to choose between two proposed budgets in the Wednesday afternoon session. The budget originally offered took the funding required to pay for the Belmont Study Committees work largely from Union University and Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes. It seems unfair that these institutions which are faithfully using the Cooperative Program dollars which they have received to be punished for the unfaithfulness of Belmont University. Instead, an alternate budget will be proposed which will deal with the issue of funding for the Belmont issue in a more equitable way. I hope that you will stay around and vote for this alternate budget on Wednesday afternoon!

One comment

  1. Glad to know we’ve got guys “in the know” who are pursuing accountability and goood stewardship in Tennessee!

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