Brothers, Be Mighty in the Scriptures!

I was recently interviewed by an intern in a sister church. This brother asked a number of great questions. One such question was: “As a pastor, if you could impart one and only one piece of Biblical wisdom to another brother who also desires to pastor, what would that one thing be and why?” Below is my answer:

Become mighty in the Scriptures! Just before John Broadus died, he addressed one of his classes with these words. His son-in-law, A.T. Robertson records an eyewitness account of this scene in his Life and Letters of John A. Broadus, p. 430:

“Young gentlemen, if this were the last time I should ever be permitted to address you, I would feel amply repaid for consuming the whole hour in endeavoring to impress upon you these two things: true piety and, like Apollos, to be men ‘Mighty in the Scriptures.’” Then pausing, he stood for a moment with his piercing eye fixed upon us, and repeated over and over again in that slow but wonderfully impressive style peculiar to himself, “Mighty in the Scriptures,” “Mighty in the Scriptures,” until the whole class seemed to be lifted through him into a sacred nearness to the Master. That picture of him as he stood there at that moment can never be obliterated from my mind.

This is my advice to you. You are to be a physician of souls and the Scripture is your medical bag full of tools, as well as your prescription for a sin sick world. You must be more acquainted with your specialty than the lawyer is with law or the doctor with his medicine. Eternal lives are at stake. Be mighty in the Scriptures!


  1. Definitely, and even more so now, in this age of scriptural illiteracy. I’ve been stunned a few times, in talking to unbelievers and even marginal church-goers, to find that they really have no grasp of the basic Bible story or understanding of Bible doctrine.

  2. Thanks for the exortation Steve.

    The power of God is manifested through scripture. If we do not know His Word, then we will not know His power.

    I believe that this is the message of Paul to Timothy as well. In 2 Timothy we find some the most profound statments regarding the Bible and its importance to preachers. The book of 2 Timothy was Paul passing the baton of ministry to follower, Timothy. Paul told Timothy to carfully handle the Word (2:14), consider the Word to get understanding (2:7), All scripture is God-breathed (3:16), and to preach this word even if people did not want to hear it (4:1-2) So Paul had alot to say about the Word in his final remarks to Timothy. Or in other words “Be mighty in scripture.”

    Thanks again.

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