Why this Baseball Postseason is One of My Favorites

For the first time since 1990, the Atlanta Braves are not in the playoffs! I have been a Braves fan since 1988 (three years before the unprecedented 15 straight divisional titles). From 1988-1990 (seasons in which the Braves lost 106, 97 and 97 games respectively), I listened to every single game on the radio. I was a true fan (not one of the Johnny-come-latelies who jumped on the Braves bandwagon because of their success)!

Although I’ve enjoyed the success of the Atlanta Braves in recent years, the postseason has been a time of agony. The Braves have routinely not played up their level of abiliy (with the exception of 1995). I was so emotionally attached to the Braves and their postseason chances that when they lost, I was devastated and could not bear to watch any of the other postseason games.

This October has brought a welcome release from the stress of pulling for my favorite team during the postseason. A June collapse over an October collapse has its advantages! This year I have teams that I’m pulling for (Tigers, A’s, Cardinals and Dodgers) and teams that I’m pulling against (Mets and Yankees, sorry Kim and Jeremy) with no real emotional attachment. Hence I am free to watch, enjoy and appreciate this postseason in a way in which I haven’t been able to since the Cincinnati Reds beat the Oakland A’s in the 1990 World Series. Regardless of the outcome of this years World Series, I plan to enjoy whatever games I am privileged to watch and seek to appreciate the baseball history which will unfold.


  1. Steve,

    Completely agree with you. The Braves have had tremendous success, but I am glad to see others in the mix. It has been much more enjoyable. Can it get any better with a Yankees demise such as it has been?


  2. As a Marlins fan (the only one in Kentucky, I believe), I am having a hard time pulling for the Mets. My pick is the Detroit Tigers. I lived in Michigan the year before they won the World Series, so it’s nice seeing them back in contention. It promises to be a fantastic postseason!

  3. Steve, we definitely share a kindred spirit in this.

    During the last “Subway Series” I asked my brother what he hoped would be the outcome.

    He said, “I am praying for a meteor to hit the stadium.”

    Now that I don’t have to endure the agony of the Braves losing in the playoffs, it means that I am free to concentrate on watching the Seminoles crash and burn. Oh well!

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