What Do Your Books Say About You?

(The day I visited Dr. Mohler’s Library)

When Dr. R. Albert Mohler talks about books, I listen. He is arguably the most well-read man in Christendom. His personal library rivals many college libraries. Getting to tour his library in the basement of the President’s home when I graduated last year was one of the highlights of my life. His reading states:

To a great extent, our personal libraries betray our true identities and interests. A minister’s library, taken as a whole, will likely reveal a portrait of theological conviction and vision. Whose works have front place on the shelves, Martyn Lloyd-Jones or John Shelby Spong? Charles Spurgeon or Harry Emerson Fosdick? Karl Barth or Carl Henry? John MacArthur or Joel Osteen?

How serious a Bible scholar is this preacher? The books will likely tell. Are the books all old or all new? If so, the reader is probably too contemporary or too antiquarian in focus. Are the books read? If so, the marginalia of an eager and intelligent mind adds value to the book. It becomes more a part of us.

To read the entire article, click here.

(Picture from the commentary section of my personal library)

So, look around your office today? What do your books say about you?


  1. I recently bought “Your Best Life Now” after I saw your copy on the desk in your library last Sunday night.

  2. Jeremy,
    Your books are very perceptive!

    Let’s discuss it chapter by chapter for our mutual edification.

    I could have told you that!

    It’s not as bad as it looks in the picture.

    That’s the scuttlebutt.

  3. Steve, I’m battling a little jealousy. Just after we met in Louisville this summer, I too had the privilege to visiting the Mohler Museum of Books. However, just as I was raising my camera to click a pic of Mohler’s collection of Presedential nick-knacks, all the power went off in the entire house. Dr. Mohler was gracious to give a tour in the dark lit with some of the decorative candles he has scattered about. I need to go back and take another peek.

    My library says of me that I collect far more books than I actually read. I think blogging is getting in the way.

  4. Thanks Steve – I just got that message in the mail. If I’ll listen with ears to hear, it should help.

  5. My library says, “Gordon needs to get more shelves and quit cramming us in here together and double stacking us, then he might actually be able to find us when he needs us!”

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