In my MP3 player

I don’t have an I-Pod! I have a RCA Lyra MP3 player. I don’t want to get too close to the evil world of Apple! My wife bought me this MP3 player for Father’s Day this year and it has proved to be invaluable! I use in in my car and on my lawnmower. I mostly listen to sermons or lectures. I listen to sermons by S. Lewis Johnson. On my most recent four hour trip to SBTS in Louisville, KY for my “The Cappadocian Achievement” class, I listened to:

  • This sermon by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. on Deuteronomy 4:32-40 titled: “Has Any People Heard the Voice of God Speaking . . . And Survived?” This was the convocation message for the Fall ’06 semester and was preached last Tuesday. Great message focusing on the mercy of God in revealing Himself to man. Other MP3s from chapels past and present can be downloaded here.
  • Mark Driscoll’s sermon on “Death by Love: Reflections on the Cross” at the recent Reform & Resurge Conference. This 85 minute sermon chewed up some major drive time and it was worth every minute invested. Powerful sermon on the atonement! I wouldn’t or couldn’t say many of the things that Driscoll says, but his style is just shocking enough to make you seriously consider the realities of the cross.
  • C. J. Mahaney’s sermon at a Cornerstone Church in Knoxville, TN on “Who’s Really at Work?” on Philippians 2:12-13. Excellent sermon on sanctification!
  • Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin’s lectures on “Tertullian and Constantine” and “Athanasius and Basil.” Sure I was driving four hours to hear him lecture for four hours, but I can’t get enough of this guy! Seriously, this is good stuff along with numerous other lectures on

I may post some on my favorite listening at my computer! There are certain things I play repeatedly, but I’ll save that list for another day!


  1. stevie boy, once you go mac you don’t go back, so be very careful. on my ipod, though, i can watch driscoll’s talk, not just listen to it :-). also, im curious, are you a boxer or brief-wearing calvinist?

  2. D.J.,

    Welcome back! We missed you!


    According to Driscoll’s definition I would be a brief-wearing Calvinist.

  3. Thanks for the links!

    This is a great idea for a blog post, too. Share the wealth!

    I recently came across 16 Piper biographies via Phil’s “This is where I am right now” at Pyromaniacs.”

    I have a “non iPod” – a Rio Chiba player. My wife has a Nano. I must admit I want one!


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