New Attitude 2006 Conference MP3s Available

The MP3s of the recent New Attitude Conference (for singles from graduating high school seniors, to college students, to 100 year olds) featuring messages by Joshua Harris, C.J. Mahaney, Eric Simmons, Mike Bullmore, Mark Dever, and Jeff Purswell. The messages are titled respectively:

  • “The Truth: Rediscovering Humble Orthodoxy” by Joshua Harris
  • “The Story: Understanding the Story Line of the Bible” by Mark Dever
  • “The Life: Applying the Gospel to All of Life” by Mike Bullmore
  • “The Cross: A Meditation on Jesus’ Atoning Death” by C.J. Mahaney
  • “The Power: Understanding and Experiencing the Holy Spirit” by Jeff Purswell
  • “The Mission: Reaching the World Next Door” by Eric Simmons
  • “The Family: Taking It Home to Your Local Church Community” by Joshua Harris

All seven of these messages are available for download for a total of only $7.00! A great series of great preaching for a great price. You can purchase these messages individually for $2 each or the entire set of 7 messages for $7 by clicking here.

(HT: Tim Challies)

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