442 Years Ago Today . . .

The Genevan Reformer John Calvin died. In honor of his life and death I submit the following paper:
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the life and theology of John Calvin (1509-1564). Calvin was perhaps the most influential leader of all the great leaders of the Reformation era. Calvin’s biblical and theological writings are the main reason for his continuing influence to the present day. He wrote commentaries on every book of the Bible except the Song of Solomon and Revelation and his Institutes of the Christian Religion was the dominant systematic theology of the Reformation. The Institutes are still regarded as the authoritative expression of Reformed theology. For these reasons the study of the life and theology of John Calvin is vital if we are to understand the essence of Reformed theology.
To read the paper in its entirety click here for a pdf version.


  1. Wow. I didn’t realize that. I just finished a biography of him on the 28th and posted about him in my Xanga on the same day!!! Amazing man.

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