Online Resources from ‘Together for the Gospel’

Resources from last month’s “Together for the Gospel” conference keep showing up online. Here are links to a few of them:

  • Individual CDs, Audio Sets and MP3 downloads are available for sale from Sovereign Grace Ministries by clicking here.
  • Tim Challies reports: “Kerry, a.k.a. BlackCalvinist, made a bootleg recording of one of the songs sung at the T4G Conference. He did not realize that he was not supposed to do this, but the organizers have generously allowed him to post it regardless. This is what it sounds like when 3000 men sing a hymn!” This is awesome!


  1. Thanks for links! I am sorry I was not able to go to the conference and I am jelous of people like you who did! I hope you had a good time. I heard lots of stories from conference. Especially about things C.J. Mahoney said.

  2. Sorry John!

    Johnny, Good to hear from you. I’m sorry you didn’t get to attend. C.J. was hilarious!

    Are you still at Southern? I plan to be there one week this Summer and every other week this Fall (classes).

  3. Getting together with you sometine while you are campus would be awesome! I will be back at Southern in Aug 7th . So it will be a little while. It will be cool to see you walking around Southern. Al Mohler, Russel Moore, Don Whitney and Steve Weaver all walking around the same campus will be sweet. Its a line up as impressive to the T4G conference.

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