New Sermon Series: Hosea

Since I finished the book of Romans last Sunday, I’m planning on beginning a new series in the Minor Prophets starting with the first one listed canonically: Hosea. Do you have any recommendations of good resources for this study. I have the 3 volume Baker set edited by McComiskey, Charles Feinberg’s commentary, James Montgomery Boice’s expositional studies. I also ordered God’s Unfaithful Wife: A Biblical Theology of Spiritual Adultery by Raymond C. Ortland, Jr. from the “New Studies in Biblical Theology” series. What other major works on the Minor Prophets do I need?


  1. Duane Garrett’s commentary in the NAC is the modern day definitive series. That is the only thing I see missing from your list. If you can find it, there is an old “moderate” commentary on the Minor Prophets called “The Book of the Twelve” that has some good research. Poor theology, but good research. It is out of print. That is a good Minor Prophet to preach through!

  2. C.F. Keil (Keil & Delitzsch) on the Minor Prophets is a good technical commentary. He assumes you can read Hebrew, but even considering that, even an uneducated slob like me can get a lot from him.

    The set looks very pretty on my shelf (an important consideration, to be sure), but you can get it free with E-sword.

  3. Thanks guys!!!


    I have a couple of the NAC volumes on the Minor Prophets, but not Garrett’s on Hosea. Thanks for the recommendation!


    Thanks for adding the second serious comment! I knew you had to be making up that commentary that sounds like it was written by an ice cream brand!

    I actually have the Keil & Delitzsch set already (in hard copy and e-sword). Sorry I lied!

  4. Steve,

    I am also going to use, if I can get a copy is G. Campbell Morgan’s The Minor Prophets: The Men and Their Message.

    Of course Dr. Akin has several recommendations in his list of volumes for your theological library. (the booklet from SBTS).

    Look forward to preaching together again….

    P.S. What sources did you use for Hebrews?

  5. Thanks Bill!

    For Hebrews:

    Lane’s 2 volume commentary in the Word Biblical Commentary series

    Donald Guthrie’s Tyndale Commentary

    George Guthrie’s NIV Application

    George Guthrie’s The Structure of Hebrews

    Kent Hughes’ 2 volume commentary (PTW)

    John MacArthur’s commentary

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