New Blog: WBBC Bloggers

I’ve started a new blog for the church where I pastor. The blog address is I’ve invited the following friends to contribute:

  • D.J. Cimino (Newest Church member and a fellow-blogger)
  • Charlie Henderson (Currently preaching Sunday nights at WBBC on the book of Acts, theologically sound, but technologically ignorant. Has not yet responded to my invitation! Pray for him!)
  • David Rosati (Soon to be Newest Church member, move over D.J.)
  • Jeremy Weaver (My brother, Auditorium Sunday School teacher, the Doxoblogist. Need I say more?)
  • Me (pastor and partner in the gospel with all the above)

We’ve been going for a couple of days now, but we’re still trying to get our legs under us (picture a newborn fawn). Our plans are to have a running informal conversation with each other about matters of church life, discussion of theological, biblical and cultural issues, and online interaction between church members about things that really matter. Feel free to stop by and listen in or join the conversation in our comments section.


Join the conversation . . .

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