A Farewell to the Book of Romans

This morning I preached the 46th and final message on the book of Romans. As I placed my favorite five commentaries on the shelf for the last time last night, it was with mixed emotions. I have joy because of the benefit that I know my time of study in Romans has been for me and my hearers. But there was also sadness because I won’t be able to give the attention to this book as much as I have over the past year. It is mind boggling to think back about the amount of time that I spent in this glorious book over the past year. I’ve spent approximately 700 hours studying this book over the course of the last year (that’s nearly a month of 24 hour days!), reading approximately 3,200 pages of commentary, written 184 pages of sermon notes and preached for 35 hours!

My prayer now is that this time will have not been wasted but that the Holy Spirit will use the truths studied by me and delivered to my congregation to produce eternal, life-changing results!

My final post for my last message in Romans will be posted sometime tomorrow. It is titled “Together for the Gospel!” and comes from Romans 16:1-27.


  1. Joe,

    So True!


    Thanks! Not all are available yet, but I hope they will be soon!


    Thanks for your encouragement throughout the series! I really appreciate the weekly links!

    As for what’s next, I’m planning on beginning a sermon series in the Minor Prophets next week starting with the book of Hosea.

    How do you like “An Unfaithful Wife and Mother” for a sermon title for Mother’s Day in a couple of weeks?

  2. That sounds great, Steve! For Father’s day, try something about Eli, Hophni, and Phineas.

  3. Only 45 minutes per message? I thought you were a reformer! Next thing you know Lifeway will publish the Weaver Driven Life. Jokes aside – great job, I really enjoyed what you have been posting from the series- when I have time to read it.

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